Thursday, 19 September 2013

An Introduction to Everything yet Nothing.

This is my possibly hundredth attempt at trying to start a blog as per an assignment for an academic course. I have an incredible tenacity to avoid work especially one's that do not seem interesting and it becomes incredibly difficult to sit down and focus upon it. As a mechanical engineering graduate you would expect my ability to sit down and process this blog assignment as being a piece of cake however I am sure that all of us lean towards procrastination in the event of assignments.

It reminds me of this picture :

I am unsure whether I should be proud or sad that I have completed all 12 "levels" of being a procrastinator, however it is true. Alas however I have duty to do and that is to entertain you with my blog. Now most blogs seemingly have a theme that is resonant throughout the topics however in my case I have been struggling to decide on a theme.

Oh before I forget, the little introduction of myself: My name is Sylvester, and I'm a born and raised first generation Chinese South African. I'm 23 years old and currently reside in Cape Town, living the student life of continually hustling, in a bid to balance the social and work life. I've been living in CT for 5.5 years now, and have adopted the CT culture of pretty much being relaxed and enjoying life.

As I'm pretty much a general guy who's quite open minded and I'd like to think diverse, I have decided to just write about several topics that I have slight experience or exposure upon and hopefully on some topics I shall be able to enlighten you and keep you interested. So I do hope you enjoy reading any posts that I do create...


  1. Hey cool blog, what does Lopsap Doi mean?

    1. Hey man, Lapsap Doi is actually the cantonese name for a rubbish bin bag, I was looking for a unique name. I'm glad you like my blog thanks! :D

  2. wow! your blog likes amazing! can def relate to procrastinating...

  3. every university student can relate to this picture #epic

  4. Love the title as it says so much about what to expect on this blog...can definitely relate as I have been a student in my home country as well as at multiple other universities abroad...but yet I'm still not able to conquer this never ending theme in my life...but do you really want to though? I mean I get so much satisfaction from putting important things off while still enjoying great success at the last minute in comparison to others who work harder but achieve less...

  5. Intereting blog. eagerly waiting for the next post!

  6. Interesting read! Can definitely relate!