Friday, 20 September 2013

Exercising over Dieting

Now I write about this as in this current day and age, health is one aspect of our lives that we should never dismiss. The idea that your body is your temple is truly a mindset that everyone should adopt for its the one thing that stays with us for our entire lives, so why would you not look after it?


 You may ask why should one exercise when you could just diet? Many people diet in a bid to lose weight however they forget that this results in short-term gains with possible long-term consequences. Consequences in the manner, that by depriving your body of nutrients, it enters into a "survival mode" and after dieting, your body will attempt to store as much energy from food as possible. So what often occurs is that people will lose weight by entering ridiculous rabbit food diets (Atkins Diet) of eating one leaf of lettuce a day or a bowl of gluten free, sugar free, carb free noodles (Superlite Shitake Noodles) but the consequences of this are generally negative and do not help your body. Let alone where are you even getting your essential nutrients and vitamins from? Imagine what that will do to your body in the long term from depriving yourself for so long? A total misconception is that when people refer to dieting what sparks to mind is of enjoying a cup of lettuce soup for weeks on end; however correct dieting would involve eating the right foods that will incorporate all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and of course most of all protein.

A little known fact about fat is that it never disappears from your body. What actually occurs is mitosis, where the fat cells overflow and divide into two cells. What does this mean? Well, for the rest of your life, you will have the same amount of fat cells in your body (Unless you get liposuction of course but have you seen the series that show how it's done? It looks like you getting skinned alive). What essentially occurs when you "lose fat" is your fat cells are shrinking.

How mitosis works, A picture that I found on Google images and I have no clue what diploid cells are?
The difference that exercising pertains is that not only is your body burning calories during your workout but additionally your metabolism is ramped up. Your metabolism will continue burning calories during periods of inactivity (What whaaaaat?!), which is highly advantageous as in this manner you are not only now burning fat while exercising but additionally while you are just sitting around watching YouTube clips. What else occurs thanks to exercising is you release endorphins which not only make you feel better but also boost your immune system.

So that is in a nutshell why you should exercise over dieting, but for maximum gains the best would be to diet correctly and have a complete exercise routine simultaneously.


  1. WOW! I feel so enlightened. Perhaps you should consider opening up a health programme young lad ;)

  2. Really good read.Definitely something for me to look into!

  3. Very informative, but easy enough to understand....

  4. Well Well, you learn something new everyday hey!Keen to find an exercise routine that I like-knowing that it'll work for me even when I'm not doing much!Summer body here I come!